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How to Search

What is searchable?

What is included in the database?

The Christian Science Directory online offers a searchable database that includes:

  1. Christian Science practitioners
  2. Christian Science teachers
  3. Christian Science military chaplains
  4. Christian Science nurses
  5. Accredited Christian Science nursing facilities and visiting Christian Science nursing services
  6. Christian Science branch churches, societies, and informal groups
  7. Christian Science reading rooms and jointly-maintained Christian Science reading rooms
  8. Christian Science College Organizations
  9. Christian Science Committees on Publication.

What is not included in the database?

The Christian Science Directory online does not include:

  1. Christian Science prison chaplains or institutional committees
  2. Christian Science lecture activity
  3. Christian Science broadcasting committees
  4. Christian Science outreach committees

Search Basics

FIND search (Keyword search)

This search is what you should use when you know what you’re searching for, whether it’s someone’s name or a specific entity.

To search, simply type the information you’re looking for into the FIND box. To help, we’ve added search dictionaries that will automatically provide options based on what you start typing. These pull information, including correct spelling, from the ads themselves.

NEAR search (Location or postal code search)

This search is based on geography.

Similar to the FIND search, you’ll put your search term — like a city, country, or postal code — into the NEAR search box. You may also select “current location.” If you choose this option, you will want to be sure that your browser has location services turned on. If it doesn’t, this feature won’t work accurately.

Your results will display in order of relevance based on radius distance from your search. For all searches, the starting point will be the center of the location you’ve chosen, whether it is a zip/postal code, city, state/province, or country.

For example, if you enter “Montana” into the NEAR search box, the first page of results includes resources in Wyoming because of how close they are to the geographical center of Montana.

Using Filters

To help focus your search and narrow the results to what you’re specifically interested in, there are a number of filters on the left hand side of the search results page.
To use these filters, simply select which boxes you’d like to use as your filter. For example, if you are looking for a practitioner within a 10-mile (15 km) radius of Boston, Massachusetts who speaks French, we’d select the practitioner filter, 10-mile  (15 km) radius filter, and French language filter.