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About the Christian Science Directory

The Directory

The Christian Science Directory is provided by The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The Directory is a listing of Christian Science resources worldwide, including Christian Science Practitioners, Teachers, Churches, Societies, Reading Rooms, College Organizations, Committees on Publication, and Military Chaplains, as well as Christian Science Nurses, Christian Science Nursing Facilities, and Visiting Christian Science Nurse Services. The online Directory contains additional listings for Christian Science Informal Groups and forming Christian Science College Organizations.

The Directory is available online and at the back of each month’s issue of The Christian Science Journal. To learn more about the Church of Christ, Scientist, visit

Legal Note: Advertisers in the Christian Science Directory are self-employed or operate independently of The Mother Church* and have provided their contact information solely for the purpose of offering their services. Please be respectful and use their contact information only for this purpose.

The personal data and contact information provided by Directory advertisers may be protected by laws governing privacy, data protection, and commercial messages. 

By using the Directory, you agree not to collect any email addresses from the Directory in order to send unsolicited commercial email messages. The advertisers in the Directory do not consent to receive commercial email messages at the addresses listed. However, advertisers do consent to receive appropriate, relevant communications from churches and societies of The Mother Church. 

*Except for The Mother Church itself providing local church services in Boston, its Reading Room, and its Committee on Publication office in Boston.

Churches, Societies, and Groups

Christian Science Churches, Societies, and Informal Groups

Join us for services at a Church of Christ, Scientist, or Christian Science Society. Everyone is welcome to attend. We also offer Sunday School classes for children and young people up to the age of 20. In some areas where there isn’t a church or society, Christian Science informal groups come together for public worship and mutual support. Each branch church or society is governed independently and democratically by its members in accordance with its own bylaws. Find out more about church services and Sunday School.

Reading Rooms

Christian Science Reading Rooms

In a Christian Science Reading Room, visitors can find a quiet place to ask questions, study, think, and pray as they explore a variety of resources to deepen their understanding of spiritual healing based on Christ Jesus’ ministry. These resources include the Bible, all of Mary Baker Eddy’s writings, The Christian Science Monitor, as well as articles and testimonies by people actively practicing and applying Christian Science in their lives today. A Reading Room is a place to find answers and get inspired. In this space, people have been healed by studying the lessons of the Bible and nurturing their connection with God. Find out more about Reading Rooms.


Christian Science Practitioners and Teachers

The people who advertise as Christian Science practitioners (CS) in this Directory devote their full time to helping others through Christian Science, as explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. They are experienced in the healing ministry of Christian Science and available to give metaphysical treatment through prayer. Practitioners can work with individuals in person or remotely, so feel free to reach out to anyone, even if they aren’t in your area. Learn more about practitioners and Christian Science treatment.

A Christian Science teacher (CSB) is a practitioner who is authorized to teach Primary class instruction—an in-depth opportunity to learn more about Christian healing as explained in Science and Health. Learn more about Primary class instruction.

Christian Science practitioners and teachers are self-employed and can provide you with their fees and payment details upon request.

Christian Science Nurses

Christian Science Nurses

The people who advertise in these pages are experienced Christian Scientists who are prepared to provide spiritual reassurance and skillful practical care to those choosing to receive Christian Science treatment through prayer for healing. Christian Science nursing includes assistance with personal care and bathing, meeting cleansing/bandaging needs, assistance with mobility, preparation and modification of food, and other activities that meet the patient’s needs. It does not include diagnosis or medical treatment such as medication or physical therapy, or material remedies of any sort. Learn more about Christian Science nursing, including a Scope of Services.

Fees are set individually by each Christian Science nurse, so please discuss payment with any Christian Science nurse you contact. Feel free also to ask for references.

Christian Science nurses who are available to travel will have one or more travel icons in their advertisements. The different types of travel will also be visible as filters on the search results page. If you are looking for:

Christian Science Nursing Facilities
Visiting Christian Science Nursing Services

Accredited Christian Science Nursing Facilities and Visiting Christian Science Nursing Services

Christian Science nursing facilities are organizations where an individual’s desire to rely on Christian Science treatment for healing is upheld by the spiritual reassurance and practical, physical care given by Christian Science nurses. Visiting Christian Science Nursing Services employ Christian Science nurses to provide care in homes for short visits, usually a few hours or less.

Each of the organizations listed in this section is not for profit, independently operated, and accredited by The Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc. You can find more information about each organization at the Commission’s website. Each organization sets its own fees. Please contact the organization directly for information about services, fees, and payment options. 

College and University Organizations

College and University Organizations

University or college life can be an exciting new chapter with lots of opportunities for growth. Christian Science Organizations (CSOs) are a great way to connect with other like-minded thinkers at your university. CSOs come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one common goal: to have a healing impact on the world around them. “Forming” means that a CSO is in the process of getting started. Learn more about CSOs.

If you have questions, contact the CSO Support Team at

Committees on Publication

Committees on Publication

Christian Science Committees on Publication help bring genuine understanding when Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, or the healing practice of the Church's members have been misunderstood and inaccurately portrayed to the public. This work requires spiritual readiness and healing prayer, and may include communicating with the media, academics, government officials, religious groups, and healthcare professionals.

Learn more about the work of the Committee on Publication, or contact the Committee in your jurisdiction (country, province, state) or the Office of the Manager at

Military Chaplains

Christian Science Military Chaplains

Christian Science military chaplains are officers on active duty with the US Armed Forces in the continental United States and in countries where there are US military operations. They provide Christian Science support to fellow Christian Science service members, including assistance with religious accommodation. They perform or provide for the religious needs of all service members regardless of religious background. They answer questions and address misunderstandings about Christian Science within the military and respond to requests for prayerful support.