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Advertising in The Directory

Those who currently advertise professional services in the Christian Science Directory, or are interested in advertising, can use the information below to request updates to their current ad, apply to advertise, or remove their ad. Those advertising can also find ad pricing information.

Request for applications or removal of advertisements

Christian Science Practitioners

Christian Science Nurses

Branch Churches, Societies, Informal Groups & Reading Rooms

Other contact

  • Fax: 617-450-2071
  • Mail: The Christian Science Publishing Society, 210 Massachussetts Ave, Boston, MA 02115 USA

Changes to advertisements in Directory

Christian Science Practitioners, Teachers, Christian Science Nurses, Branch Churches, Societies, Informal Groups & Reading Rooms

Primary custom listing (includes online)$480 per year
Primary standard listing (includes online)$418 per year
Secondary listing (includes online)$362 per year $181 for six months
Metro Region listing$182 per year
Teacher cross-reference (CSBs only)$182 per year
Permanent relocation cross-reference$90 for six months
Church/Society with one Reading Room$575 per year
Society without a Reading Room$418 per year
Additional Reading Room$157 per year
Joint Reading Room$418 per year
Permanent Cross-Reference
(Church/Society only)
$182 per year
Service charge for listing change$30 flat fee per request

Credit card payments accepted: +1 617-450-2877

Christian Science practitioners, teachers, and Christian Science nurses may make one change per year without incurring a change service fee.

If you placed an advertisement in our annual Journal Directory, payment needs to be made within 30 days of receipt of the first invoice, either in full, or in installments.

For instance, if you were to pay in equal monthly installments you would divide your yearly charge by 12. If you are unable to pay in full or would like to make arrangements for regular periodic payments at this time, please call us at +1-617-450-2877.

If you would like to remove your card, please be in touch with the respective department.